This unique and innovative partnership will bring together Indigenous local knowledge, the regional development ambitions of the Kivalliq Inuit Association, and the technical and financial know-how of Anbaric.



The Kivalliq Inuit Association is a fully elected body which represents the interests of all Inuit in the Kivalliq region, acts as an advocacy group and administers provisions of the Nunavut Final Agreement. The KIA’s mission is to represent, in a fair and democratic manner, Inuit of the Kivalliq region in the development, protection, administration, and advancement of their rights and benefits as an Indigenous people; as well as to promote their economic, social, political, and cultural well being through succeeding generations. Please visit

Anbaric creates and builds the electric businesses of the future. Anbaric’s financial partner is the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. With a focus on transmission and distributed energy, Anbaric creates new entities that transform old energy systems into more effective and resilient ones with an emphasis on clean energy. Please visit

“At Anbaric we develop projects that provide long-term economic, technical and environmental value in partnership with local champions. The Kivalliq Inuit Association is the ideal partner – they are committed to infrastructure solutions for their constituents and think in terms of millennia, not election cycles or fiscal quarters. Together, we have created a financial and technical business case that respects the traditions of the Inuit while meeting our shared social and environmental objectives. Simply put, it’s good business.”
— Ed Krapels, CEO, Anbaric Development Partners