Clean Growth

The Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link wi‎ll help the region end its total dependence on diesel for electricity and heating, decarbonizing its energy systems while providing economic growth opportunities for the mining sector as well as small and medium enterprises.

  • Five Inuit communities and two operating mines will benefit from Nunavut’s first-ever infrastructure link to the rest of Canada. 

  • Energy supply cost reductions of up to 50% are anticipated for the Qulliq Energy Corporation.

  • The project will bring an expected annual savings of $40 million in diesel costs for communities and $60 million for the mining sector.

  • Access to hydroelectricity stabilizes the cost of power for the region and Nunavut.

  • The project provides a long-term market opportunity for Manitoba’s renewable and reliable hydroelectric resources.

  • The project will reduce GHG emissions by 380,000 metric tonnes annually.

  • Reduced marine traffic will lower the risk of fuel spills.

  • Air pollution will be drastically decreased in the five targeted communities.

  • The project lowers risks and costs of fuel storage for industry as well as homeowners.

  • Thermal loads can be transitioned to electricity, and diesel plants will be limited to back-up use. 

“In order to create good jobs, grow the economy and strengthen the middle class, the private and public sectors must work together as partners.”
— Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (November 16, 2016)